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  1. About Cuchipinoy Productions

  2. Cuchipinoy is an exciting new theatre company dedicated to presenting plays that reflect the American multi-ethinic landscape and to providing opportunities to actors, writers and directors of all ethnicities. As a predominantly young company, we embrace new, innovative, and daring plays as well as groundbreaking interpretations of the classics. We welcome writers, directors, actors, and designers that push the boundaries of American theatre. We strive to create productions that will reflect the new, uncharted, frightening, complex and exciting world that we live in today.

Cuchipinoy News: “Anonymous” video promo

Cuchipinoy Productions is proud to present the “Anonymous” video promo. The promo was shot by Eric R. Velarde of Liquid Metal Media and written and directed by Rodney E. Reyes. The video promo features Vanessa Ramalho, Jian Huang and Thomas Blewitt

We hope you enjoy the video!

Cuchipinoy News: “Cuchi-Cabaret”

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Created by Juan M. Aycart


Company: CRUST

Anonymous Video Trailer
Director of Photography:
Eric R. Velarde

Designed by

Rodney E. Reyes

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Production still from Who Am I (2009). From (L) to (R) Brendan Naranjo, Rachel Skrod,

Ginny Moore, Anna Payumo, Rodney E. Reyes, Patrick Annelli, Oak Onadowan